2015 Spass Tagen BBQ Winner

June 27, 2015
Several of the brother entered the Spass Tagen BBQ content that was being held at St. Bonifacius, which is 40 minutes south of Buffalo. It was a great day, the weather was nice and the fellowship with the brothers was great. There is nothing like having a good time with brothers and smoking some "killer" ribs. There was a total of 5 team enter into the contest and the smoking process start early that day, 6:30 am. The box turn in was at 1:15pm that afternoon. Pit Master David C had everything well under control, our box was ready to be picked up when they came around.
When the winners where annouced, the brothers from Nelson Lodge took home First Price. Which was a plague, see below, and $150 in prise money. Well done Brothers!
The members of the team where Brother Paul Thomas, Brother Shannon Krecklau, Brother David Callicott, Brother Clint LaFave, and WB Jason Lang.
There was a last minute tag team action as Brother Jim Wadell stepped in when Brother Clint LaFave had to leave early due to other event that need to be attended.